Medical Tattooing

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Medical tattooing refers to a technique to restore the natural skin color on a body part with tattooing. Also known as medical micro-pigmentation, this process is handy in concealing scars and correct achromia.

Let’s find out more about this innovative medical treatment here.

How is Medical Tattooing Done?

Medical tattooing is generally done using a medial tattoo machine which is a kind of precision device. It has single-use sterile pigments that are light and well-tolerated on human body so the entire process hardly causes you to feel pain.

The medical tattooing machine can be used to make a large range of different shades for your wellbeing. Some latest practices for medical tattooing offer amazing excellent results for various processes, including corneal tattooing.

It basically implants sterile mineral into the dermis by the needles of the medical tattoo machine. An application of optional anesthetic cream is set in the beginning for those patients who might fear of the process though the method is almost painless. Medical tattooing requires a second visit for correcting the shade to acquire the final result of the process.

Common Uses of Medical Tattooing

With a number of different applications, medical tattooing can be used for color restructuring in a very effective way. In addition, there are several uses of medical tattooing, such as, concealing scar, burning spots, vitiligo, stretch marks, and chemotherapy scars.

Moreover, patients with all kinds of skin achromia or alopecia regardless of its nature, such as traumatic, surgical, and medical can benefit from medical tattooing. Medical experts are in continues efforts to bring more and more applications that would trace outlines of new approaches for skin treatment.

Post Treatment Care Tips

Medical tattooing has a few post treatment care tips which should be followed after you have gone through each session of the process. It is common to feel irritation for first couple of days; and applying ice and a good soothing cream on the treatment area will be an effective source to get relief.

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