Guide on How to Buy the Right Mascara

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It has been long referred that the eyes are the window to the soul, and this is due to the fact that when you meet up with people for the first time, the first thing they look at is the eyes. Bigger eyelashes always make the eyes look bigger and attract more attention since they are deemed beautiful. Getting the right mascara for your eyes is often considered as a huge challenge for majority of individuals especially if they have no idea what they are looking to achieve when using the mascara. Here is a guide on how to buy the right mascara.

Lash length

Different individuals have different length of lashes. It is therefore important to identify which type of mascara is ideal for your lashes. Choosing the best mascara for length will ensure that your eyes pop out, thus enhancing the appearance of your eyes. This is because the main ingredient used in the mascara is a lengthening formula which enhances the length of the eye lashes.

Thickness of the lash

Very few individuals often have thick full lashes, and this means that they can be able to use any standard mascara to enhance their eye appearance. But on the other hand, individuals who are not fortunate enough to have thick full lashes should ensure that they choose the right type of mascara which will be able to add volume to the lashes.

Type of mascara brush

The type of brush in the mascara tube often determines how your lashes will appear. There are different types of brushes available such as curved or big round brushes. Picking a mascara tube which has a curved brush ensures that one can easily apply mascara without smudging it all over their face.

Water resistant properties

There are different types of mascara based on their reaction when it gets into contact with any form of liquid such as water or tears. Water resistant mascara ensures that it does not run off even when an individual cries. Waterproof mascara on the other hand can leave rings under the eyes when it comes into contact with any form of liquid and this makes it difficult to clean up.

Color of the mascara

There is no doubt that mascaras are available in different colors ranging from black to blue and even clear mascara. Black is considered as one of the most popular and readily available mascara in majority of stores. However, one can be able to try out different types of colors which can give you a whole new look.


Different occasions or events often call for different styles of wardrobe. Therefore, the type of occasion will often determine the type of mascara that an individual can apply. For example, if the girls are having a night out, one can be able to choose a color of mascara that will give them a dramatic look. It is therefore important to take the above tips into consideration in order to ensure that you wear your mascara appropriately.


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