White gold: What is white gold?

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As the rose gold, the yellow gold and black gold, the white gold  is a mixture of gold end (called “24 carat gold”) too soft to be worked, and other metals such as silver and copper that will harden the alloy.

White Gold is an alloy of yellow gold and several metals such as palladium, zinc or copper. In fact, jewelers traditionally call it “gray gold” because its natural hue is closer to that of silver – with much greater luster and longevity.

To give it its final light and clear color, white gold is covered with a thin layer of a rare metal, rhodium. The White gold jewellery are rhodium which is the vast majority of white gold jewelry offered by quality jewelry houses.

The benefits of white gold

Today, 18-carat white gold is the most popular jewelery metal in Western countries.

Why do they like it so much?

Here are some answers:

  • White gold suits almost all stones(perhaps avoid citrine and garnet) and all skin tones. Its neutral color allows it to highlight all the nuances of the rainbow.
  • White gold is easy to wear. Its discreet hue makes it the metal of choice for people who are not used to wearing jewelry. She matches all the wardrobes.
  • White gold is the strongest metal; few people know it, but it’s even harder than platinum. White gold is very solid and is difficult to scratch. It is therefore perfect for clumsy people! It is also the ideal metal for a jewel to be worn for a lifetime: an engagement ringor alliance for example.

The disadvantages of white gold

Does white gold have no defect? In fact, he only has one:

White gold tends to turn yellow over time. Let us not forget that white gold is nothing more than an alloy of yellow gold and several other metals, and that its final color is partly due to a thin layer of white rhodium. Over time, inevitably, this thin layer of rhodium will skate, revealing gradually as a slight yellow shade. Nothing serious of course – the effect is soft and rather pleasant – but for a jewel that remains eternally white, it is better to move towards platinum.

The maintenance of white gold

As and when, inexorably, the rhodium of your jewel in white gold will skate. Over time, you will have a jewel less bright, but also more authentic and softer luster.

Of course, it is entirely possible to whitewash your white gold jewel and restore its original brilliance: this is called a “re-rhodiage”.

However, be careful not to re-rhodium too often your jewel. Indeed, each re-rhodium requires a polishing that removes a thin layer of metal to your jewel: to avoid weakening it we recommend not to do more than one re-rhodium every 4 years.

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