The winter women's fashion guide to accessories

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If you haven’t heard the news, accessories are something of a big deal in the world of fashion. In short, they can make or break your appearance.

Usually when we broach this subject, we’re referring to the likes of jewelry and smaller items that can make an outfit really pop. When the temperatures plummet, there’s no doubt that a few additional practical considerations enter the mix, which is where today’s guide comes into play.

As such, next time you head off to Covent Garden to see the latest styles on display, here’s some ideas for you to mull over and see if you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.

It starts with your hat

As we all know, we lose most of the heat through our head. You might not be a so-called hat person, but that rule goes out of the window in the spirit of winter.

Put simply, if you are to survive the deep chills, a hat is essential. You can make it work with your outfit and particularly if you are usually conservative with your look, a hat is something that can inject a hint of playfulness into your appearance.

However, choosing the right fabric is crucial. Wool is the top choice (if you don’t find it itchy) as it will help you keep warm, but also has that elusive breathable factor. The last thing you want is to choose a more synthetic material and create a winter oven on top of your head.

Scarfs: the perfect winter accessory?

While it might sometimes feel bordering on critical, particularly in Britain the weather never gets excessively cold. Sure, we might have a few minus days, but it’s nothing compared to other nations around the world.

Ultimately, scarfs only tend to come out when the temperature reaches those freezing lows. This is an accessory that you should be looking to maximize through the winter season though; it’s the perfect garment to add your own, personal touch to your look. You might not be a pattern person, but a scarf can allow you to pull it off without going overboard. The same rule applies with so-called ‘out there’ colors.

In terms of the practical tips, you again can’t go very far wrong with wool.

The number one rule with socks

Put simply, the top rule is not to throw any old pair on (oh, and make sure they don’t have holes in them). Socks are one of those items that tend to be scrambled from the back of the drawer in record speeds, as most of us don’t think they really affect our overall look.

Well, they might not be on everyone’s radar when you’re charging down the high-street, but as soon as you sit down, they are on full show. Ultimately, they are a fantastic way to add a flurry of color to your outfit and again allow you to experiment in ways which you usually wouldn’t dare.

How about a practical rule? Go by the two W’s: make sure your socks are warm and waterproof and you will be adequately protected from the British elements.

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