Fat Dissolving Injections- Everything you Need to Know

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One of the most concerning signs of facial ageing is none other than double chin. Fat that collects under the soft tissues under the jaw, also called ‘submental fat’, is the main reason behind the double chin. Until recently, it could only be treated through surgery. Now, patients have an effective, safe and long-lasting way of treating this problem and achieving permanent results; fast dissolving injections. These injections simply liquefy the targeted fat so it can be safely expelled from the body by the lymphatic system.

Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring substance that can be found in the body and it is used by these fat dissolving injections for helping the body absorb the fats found in the gastrointestinal system. The acid has the same effective when it is injected in other fat stores, which destroys the fat cells. Since these cells don’t regenerate, they do not return. You should also note that these fat dissolving injections will give you the desired results when there is a reasonable amount of fullness in the under-jaw area and your skin has a good overall elasticity.

Another great thing about fat dissolving injections is that they don’t just work for double chin. Fat can also accumulate in other areas of the body like abdomen, underarms and bra roll. These are just as concerning and cannot be managed through exercise and diet alone. Luckily, you can use fat dissolving injections for these areas of the body as well. They are a non-invasive method of addressing the fat instead of undergoing painful surgery. You only need two to three sessions to see the difference made by these injections, depending on the patient and the amount of fat that needs to be dissolved. As long as you consult with a professional, you can get really good results.

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