Evolving Trends In Leather Jewelry

Evolving Trends In Leather Jewelry

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The leather is a unique material that can be used for making various types of objects. Since ancient times leather is used for making a wide range of domestic items. This includes bags, costumes, hats, caps etc. In the earlier days, leather was extensively used for making wristbands of various patterns. In the recent times, modern designers have truly explored the beauty of leather by creating a whole new range of fashionable jewelry. If you haven’t yet tried using a piece of leather jewelry, then it is about time to shop for some exquisite fashionable items. Read on for some tips on choosing the best designs available in the market. Woven leather bracelet There are various types of leather bracelets available in the market. But if you are looking for a unique style, then a woven bracelet made of handmade leather can be a perfect choice. The design is of vintage origin, but the latest models available in the market are fashioned quite differently. You can term it as a fusion between the old and the new designs. These bracelets are fashioned with roughly wrapped leather threads that are held in place with tight interlacing or braiding. Various designs are available in this category. Men’s woven leather jewelry items are quite popular in some places. And you can find the latest designs through online stores. Magnetic bracelet Since bracelets are more in demand when it comes to leather jewelry, we will be looking into yet another type of trendy bracelet – magnetic bracelet. As the name suggests the bracelet is made of leather which holds a piece of magnet. A magnet is believed to possess certain healing powers. For this reason, magnetic bracelets are more in demand among the middle-aged users. You can find various designs in this category. The popular ones are multilayer and braided bracelets. Leather wrap necklace Wrap necklaces have been around for quite some time. However, the new trendsetters in this category are made of pure leather cords and threads. The new-age Mens necklaces are made of special charms like Tigers eye beads and lava beads. Some of the best fashionable mens necklaces are made using top grain leather in combination with gold or silver charms or beads. Pendants made of organic materials like shells, horns, tusks are also quite popular. Leather quote pendant Pendants that display messages and quotes represent an evergreen trend. Now you can give a new definition to this trend by wearing a metal pendant with a personalized quote. You can even buy one that comes with a beautiful quote. Alternatively, you can buy a customizable pendant and get your personal message written on the plaque held by the leather frame. These pendants come in circular, oval, and rectangular shapes and they can be used along with steel or metal mens necklaces.

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