Timeline of changes in the jewellery fashion of men

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Men and jewellery have been hand in hand since time immemorial. From ancient Egyptians to the Greeks, men were known throughout for amulets, earrings, headdresses, necklaces, body piercings, bangles, brooches, medallions and an ongoing list of accessories. Shiny or not, men sure knew how to flaunt it really well.

But the recent times have seen eccentric tastes in the ongoing men’s jewellery assortment. Housing more of a break free than a taboo is what adorning men’s jewellery is all about. Some accessories were accepted for men like the watches, wedding rings, chains but the others were questioned in being rocked by men. mens heavy bracelets, or new styles of necklaces, rings and those heavy, gritty, dental ornamental grills of gold, sometimes studded with diamonds have been a signature of male rappers since forever.

Should men shy away from wearing jewellery? 

With the times changing, men are rocking in great customized jewellery with a lot more style and confidence. Fashion from the top most brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many more have made men’s jewellery an official of all of its features. The breakthrough trend has soft jewelleries crafted to perfection for the masculinity to bust up even more.

With the norms being broken, the shady perception of masculinity stigma is slowly fading away. With the ever-changing definition of masculinity, men today no more fear opinionated comments. All they want is that unique rocking look that has most of us rooting for!

There’s nothing to shy away when it comes to perfection, and that’s exactly why men should not shy away from wearing jewellery. Bless our eyes!

A lot needs to be thought about and kept in mind while crafting australian mens jewellery. A certain strength about it comes out when it’s subtle, yet striking. When it comes to men, there goes the saying, less is more. And we do agree.

An insight into a myriad of jewellery that the masculine lot could flaunt with a Cally swag

●    Rings, bracelets, and yes! Rings again.

Rings are men’s favorite, and we don’t question it at all. Chunk rings to the platinum laced ones, men have always looked stunning with those flashing rings. Matched up with the correct dressing, boy! You could go to places. For sure. With the ring trend being on a surge of popularity, we are sure a few mix and match won’t hurt as well.

●    Bracelets and watches

Not hard to find, easy to fit in, men’s watches and bracelets never shall go out of style. All thanks to the classics.

●    Necklaces and pendants

From celebrities to rap kings, the necklaces variations are huge. Whether you wanna go out loud or just stay the old school style, you’ve neckerchief necklaces for all your party moods. So go bold, go classy!

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