Which jewelry suits me?

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Everybody has problem areas. Even those who wear XS to size M are not satisfied with every part of their body. Even with a small size we find places that we do not like and that we like to hide. We are all aware that we can cheat a bit on our clothing size with our outfit that is matching trousers, jacket and accessories. But not only pants and shirts can adapt to our size and make us appear in a favorable light. The choice of the right piece of jewelry can highlight our type and affect our appearance. But which jewelry really suits me?

How do I find the right model? What should you look for when choosing jewelry?

In the choice of jewelry, whether with expensive family jewelry or costume jewelry of current trends, it often comes down to trifles. Usually, the wearers are not aware of how the right jewelry can affect their appearance. If you look at the selection, it can highlight the benefits. If one does not do so, exactly the opposite can happen. So rings, earrings and chains can affect our self-esteem and demeanor without us being aware of it. But which jewelry, which shapes and which colors match which skin and which face shape?

Gold or silver? Warm colors, cold colors? Here is some information to help you find the right size, color and length. It should be noted that these are only suggestions. But you know best from your experience, with which jewelry you feel comfortable. Nevertheless, we have a few tips if you ask when buying which jewelry fits your type:

Jewelry suitable for skin type, size and shape

The height should match the size of the chain. Large necklaces on small women are often overwhelming, but smaller, filigree jewelry on large women often seems lost. In addition:

  • With a round face, round necklaces can stretch.
  • For oblong faces the opposite is true.
  • Long chains are more suitable for taller women.
  • If you have a large chest, grab short chains that end above the chest.
  • Long necklaces make a short neck look longer.
  • Silver, white gold and platinum are more suited to sporty, minimalist types.
  • White gold is more likely to be bright types with pink skin.
  • Gold jewelry is suitable for dark, tanned skin.

Accessories matched to clothing and occasion

Either clothes or jewelery may be noticeable – one of them has to stay in the background . Also applies: necklace and earrings as well as necklace and bracelet are mutually exclusive. Whether subtle silver jewelry or eye-catching gold – it should not look cluttered. Earring and necklace as well as design of bangles and eye-catching belt may be combined. Even with a discreet bracelet or ear plugs: no more than five different parts wear.

  • Big jewelry or big chains can enhance simple T-shirts.
  • Gold looks different in summary, airy clothes than in dark, austere outfits.
  • Bracelets are best combined with short-sleeved blouses, shirt blouses and caftans.
  • Large earrings and hoops are suitable for plain dresses.
  • In the workplace swanky as well as large pieces of jewelry should rather represent the exception.
  • Gold is more suitable for elegant evening events.

Maybe consider these rules at the next jewelry purchase and who knows, maybe you will see yourself with completely different eyes. It can be felt in the production of their feelings in the end to create exactly the piece, which is then selected by the right person.

What influence does the jewelry we wear on our appearance?

When we put on a piece of jewelry and look at ourselves in the mirror, it immediately has an effect on our self-perception and self-confidence. So a necklace with the pendant in the right color can perfectly emphasize our eyes. The shape can in turn affect our face shape.

Gold jewelry emphasizes our tanned skin tone in summer. Some rings are even able to visually stretch short fingers and make them look long. Jewelry gives us the opportunity to highlight things we prefer and what is not one of our strongest places can be concealed. We can spice up our outfit with flashy colors and statement necklaces – depending on what suits our style and personality. In this way, the accessories in gold and silver can signify much more than “I wear a wedding ring, so I was allowed to experience a beautiful wedding”. But the example of wedding ring already shows that jewelry can sometimes be more than a mere accessory. On many pieces of jewelry hang personal and partly also very private memories. Therefore, it is important not to be discredited in the selection. First and foremost, you should wear what you like and what you feel comfortable with. Because in the end it is our decision.

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