Why Do Every Indian Woman Love To Wear Bangles?

Why Do Every Indian Woman Love To Wear Bangles?

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Bangles are one of the most essential ornaments that are worn by both the spinsters and the married women in this country. These jewelleries have a very long history. The ornaments are made out of different materials like glass, metals, ivory, gold, and conch. The traditional style bangles of Punjab are generally made up of ivory and those of Bengal are usually made up of conch. The widest varieties of these wrist adornments are found at the online jewellery store so opt to Buy Indian Bangles Online without having the harassment of visiting the market shops. The popular tradition of Uttar Pradesh bids the brides to wear the red glass bangles and the red sarees at the time of their weddings whereas the states like Karnataka and Maharashtra enjoins the brides to wear green glass bangles and green sarees. Thus, these ornaments have got linked with the Indian tradition very closely giving rise to a number of practices and beliefs. Bangles are the symbol of wealth and prosperity. Though, most of the people make these jewellery pieces out of precious metals like gold and diamonds, the glass, ivory, and the conch bangles are more popular till today. It is said that the sound that is generated by glass bangles, drive away the negative energies. Naturally, people feel the good vibes while staring at the glass bangles. Even though the fact that fashion has set a fresh trend with the advent of the plastic bangles in so many designs and colors, but still these bangles can never match the outlook, vibrations, and the feel of the glass bangles. The real advantage of wearing bangles is now lost as most of the women today are going for the other materials than the ones that are traditionally approved. It is believed that the restrained tools that are emerging from the glass bangles’ sound protect motor organs of women. The harmonious sound creates an aura all around the wearer thus, protecting her from every evil spells and dangers. This fact is explained extremely subtly in several Hindu scriptures. It is already said that while bangles clash with each other mildly, the Kriya Shakti emerges and activates the Surya Nadi of women. From the Surya Nadi, the waves of Shakti are in turn, emitted into atmosphere. The waves spread all around the physique of the woman and protect her from all evil energies. It is still believed that based on the number of bangles worn in each hand, a particular energy will be created. The prescribed numbers usually are three, eight, six, and twelve. Most of the young girls are inculcated to opt for the lowest number of that is three in one hand. The newly married women are instructed to put on more of these wrist jewelleries as they require more energy as well as more positive vibes for counteracting the evil eyes and bombarding of the negative energies. The shining ornaments for the wrists reflect off positive radiations without engrossing much of them. Therefore, these pieces of jewelleries should not be worn if the fuller advantages of bangles must ensue. These types of jewelleries must be free of designs crafted on them, as the designs would give rise to the negative vibes in these, ultimately ruining the purpose of wearing them. Thus, several records have been recorded by the custom of wearing these ornaments for the wrists. It is essential to note down that the traditional prescriptions are followed so that the purpose of wearing these jewelleries is truly attained. Do your Online Shopping of Jewellery, be it bangles, necklaces, earrings, or any other ornaments for adorning parts of a woman’s body.

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