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While most people ask for a trim and clean up at a haircut place, there are a few styles that have withstood the test of time and have been used since the days of the old barber shops. These can give your hair a sense of direction and allow the hair to come into a natural style. That way, when you comb or style your hair, you’ll have something to shoot towards.

Barbers and those that work in barbershops are artists. They don’t just cut hair, they create it, and make you look good as you walk out of the store. So here are some of the best haircuts you have to go to a barber to appreciate.

Make Your Hair Mean Something

Haircuts are a part of someone’s personality. Where having a good or bad haircut can really show how someone perceives you. You can have naturally long or disheveled hair if that speaks to who you are, but it needs to be taken care of. Simply letting your hair grow out doesn’t add anything to you, and can take away from a good first impression.

Some people see short-haired men as confident with a bit of an ego, while longer hair is synonymous with hippies and guys who are friendly but a little more out there. Like it or not, your hair says a bit about who you are, so you need to take gentleman hair cuts seriously.

How to Talk to a Barber

Barbers have a unique ability to ‘get you’ when it comes to your choice in hairstyle, so simply asking them “What can you do for me?” is a good start. They’ll be able to look at you and recommend style choices and other tips you might not have known about, and they’ve got your best interests at heart.

Be as specific as possible and try to use some measurements when communicating. While you don’t have to measure your hair, it can be good to look up some pictures of styles that look like what you might want. You can look for a haircut before and after to get a better idea, and once you’ve found one you like, then repeat the details to the barber.

The Neck

Often most barbers will shave your neck, and they’ll often do it in three different ways. A blocked nape makes the bottom of your neck look like a straight line, a rounded neck is more of a rounded bottom shape, and a fade gradually makes the hair down your neck less thick.

Don’t knock working on the back of your head until you try it, because everyone will see the back of your head, and you want them to see something good. The same thing works with the sides and the ears as well.

Every aspect of the haircut, from the first cut to the last, will help inform who you are to those around you. Going to a barber and taking it seriously is a great first step.

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